Traffic Analysis

The department Switched Network Planning at the company communications needs information about the geographical distribution of traffic for the exactly dimension of network capacity. The Traffic Analysis Tool trafan offers the possibility, to comprehend the current traffic distribution of the network. Base for it is the CDR (Call Detail Record), which is generated by switch nodes for recording call procedures. The evaluation of CDR results information such as geographical distribution of traffic, traffic profile, traffic matrix, distance distribution etc.. These information along with traffic forecast are used by network designer for dimensioning the capacity of switch nodes and link trunks.

The advantages of the use of CDR as base for the traffic model are:

  • Traffic model with better accuracy.
  • The possibility to transfer the market forecast into more precise traffic growth, so the requirements of network capacities can be specified more exactly.
  • The possibility of validating the traffic forecast from the product development.
Outline of the processes

The CDR is supplied by the department CCS/CMS each Wednesday, on request also once weekend in the month. From the CDR database the effective CDR, which was generated for successful calls, is read in and stored into a ASCII file. Afterwards the file is stored on the network drive, on which only the departments CCS/CMS and Switched Network Planning have the access.