Topology Design

Having performed the traffic planning activities the logical topology of the voice network is derived as part of the network design process. Network topology comprises the determination of locations of switching nodes, the number of switching nodes in each location, and the structure (meshing) of the connecting links. The following input is necessary to determine the network topology: traffic data, locations of the international gateways, locations of the POIs, locations of the POPs, Busy Hour Call Attempt (BHCA) capability of switch. topdes (Topology Design Tool) has been developed for network planner to help design network and minimize network topology related costs e.g. node and link costs. topdes allows users to explore accurately costed network design scenarios before deciding on an optimized solution.

  • Determine the optimal number of switch nodes and the locations
  • Dimension the switch nodes e.g. number of ETC and PRA ports
  • Optimize connections between nodes, link capacity
  • Determine the routing schema
  • Calculation of design costs
  • A powerful graphical interface for viewing and editing network items
  • Reduce development and roll-out costs with the help of optimised network designs
  • Improve competitiveness through a faster and more flexible response to the market
  • Ensure accurate network design information is available to the people who need it
  • Deliver a network design capability direct to the desktop
  • Increase productivity