A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
--- Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

Software development, like other engineering disciplines, is an artistic activity. It is closest to architecture of buildings, as one is creating something that is functional and that looks aesthetically pleasing.

Some of software's beauty is in how it works, in simple yet powerful interaction with the people using it. But most of the beauty is in the structure and form of the source code itself; in how the various functions and modules are defined and fit together, how the logic flows; in simple yet elegant cohesiveness. And the fact that it serves a useful purpose is an added bonus.

Software is primarily structures of logic. So I engage in an art of building structures in logic. I think it is really wonderful that such an art exists. I enjoy it immensely.

About Me

My name is Muhammad Abduh. I am an IT Consultant, Software Developer and Network Engineer living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I have the expertise and experience in developing useful software tools the telecommunication business requires. My strength lies in the combination of wide knowledge of telecommunication industry and strong software development backgrounds. More details about my experience and qualifications can be found at LinkedIn, Xing or in my resume.

Recent Projects

Customer segmentation serves as the foundation for many of today’s most popular marketing strategies. Customer segmentation can help businesses determine the appropriate marketing, offer products and services that appeal to specific segments, identify gaps in customer needs. In order to segment the customers effectively, we must have the right data and systems. I have developed a software that supports accomplishment of customer segmentation.

Data quality refers to a measure that provides information about the relevance and correctness of information. Today, the company-wide qualitative data status is viewed as a production factor and part of the company value, which must be actively managed. My project on data quality includes the permanent maintenance and improvement of the quality of master data in the enterprise customer database. The database is regularly checked for duplicates and inconsistency.

Organizations need to do more than just capture and maintain accurate information. To successfully make use of their data, organizations have to be able to interact with and use their information efficiently and effectively. The software I have developed for that purposes has capabilities that allow business users to easily collect and modify data through specific workflows using an intuitive web interface.

Customer Segmentation Portal

The customer segmentation process is a complete sales planning for the coming financial year. It encompasses the channel strategies, goals for the channels, and ultimately the resulting distribution of sales area allocation. Customer Segmentation Portal facilitates the allocation of customers to proper sales channels. A defined workflow allows sales staffs to change the channel or region of a customer through an approval process.

CENT InSight - Data Quality Assurance

CENT InSight supports the permanent maintenance and improvement of the quality of the data in the enterprise customer database. The database is regularly checked for duplicates and inconsistency. Input files containing information to update incorrect data can be generated automatically.

DWS - Data management und workflow system

DWS facilitates the collection and maintenance of enterprise data through specific workflows. It's aim is to ensure that process and workflows across human and automated tasks are synced. Mainly it supports collection of additional data that is not available in the data warehouse for QlikView dashboards. DWS provides also features for managing product life cycle i.e. migration of legacy to new products.

Air Time Dashboards

Qlik Sense dashboards for monitoring the distribution of air time by regions.

Enterprise Mobile Services

QlikView reports on win/churn of the product Enterprise Mobile Services.

Trouble Ticket Management

QlikView reports to track the detection and resolution of customer complaints.

Growth KPIs may include measures of enhanced services utilization, call volume and duration, etc. Much of this information can be derived from an analysis of the data contained in the call detail records (CDRs). These records are created automatically by a network switch whenever someone lifts the receiver off the hook and include every aspect of a call. These records, generated by the millions each day, are used by service providers for billing and other purposes.

My projects include development, operation and maintenance of software tools for monitoring and reporting IMS, VoIP and Voice networks, as well as software tools for network and service provisioning. I focus on developing web-based applications that work as well as they look, which is essential for the users to enhance the way doing the daily business. My approach is to find creative ways to design web portal that look fantastic and work for everyone.

NTQR - Network Traffic & Quality Reports

NTQR is a web-based traffic reporting tool for monitoring Voice & VoIP networks. It provides network planner and network management with traffic analysis data and network performance information. NTQR generates reports based on the switch traffic measurement, device logs, CDRs and port allocation data. Several reports are available for the network capacity management and network quality monitoring. These slides describe more details about the main features of NTQR.
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IMS Application Development

Blended services primarily combine aspects of Internet based Presence and IP Multimedia Subsystem- (IMS)-based telephony services and, in particular, focuses on services that blend Presence features and telephone call-handling functions such as Presence Based Call Forwarding, Presence based Call State etc.
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NPT - Number Portability Tools

The purpose of NPT (Number Portability Tool) is to enable direct routing of calls to ported number through the current recipient networks. This will avoid the high charges for transit traffic service if the calls are routed via PTT or other OLO. The direct routing to recipient networks is implemented through a switch-based All-Call-Query solution: ported numbers are loaded in the DMS database (PNSCRN table) with the correct routing prefix. The tool has been deployed successfully for the countries Germany, France and Italy.


VM*Admin is a web-based application that facilitates Voice mail provisioning in a very easy way. The following features and functions are provided by this application:

  • Subscriber, DDI and configuration can be created, modified or deleted on-line.
  • New configuration can be created by cloning an existing configuration and modifying necessary parameters.
  • Message statistics report.
  • Database storage usage report.

The goal of the development of PROCEN is "to maximize automation". It is a web-based application that facilitates automated provisioning of IP Centrex services. It features auto-allocation of voice ports, auto-generation of scripts for the provisioning of network elements etc. The central data management assures data integrity. PROCEN can generate reports about resource usage of the network elements.


ProviDSL is a OSS/BSS software for DSL service provisioning. It automates the provisioning and commissioning processes of end-to-end network connections. It manages the allocation of DSL resources e.g. ports, IP address. The tool is also used by the network operation engineers for fault management. Before the project was started the existing process of DSL provisioning was analyzed. The approach of the software implementation was to keep the existing process but to allow users to do the work more easily and effectively by using the software.

Previous Projects

My career began in 1997 shortly before the German telecommunication market was fully liberalized on January 1, 1998. I joined the newly founded telecommunication company o.tel.o where I participated in the design and planning of the o.tel.o telecommunication networks.

NPP - Network Planning Platform

The goal of network planning activities is to determine the amount of equipment and locations needed in each part of the network which will satisfy the traffic demand at a minimized cost while taking several preconditions and restrictions into account.
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After university I spent some time working on a research project at Institute for Communication Networks where I have completed my Master thesis. I wrote software tools for network design and network optimization. The goal of the research project is to benchmark various heuristic optimization algorithms on different design problems i.e. cost models.

TND - Topological Network Design

In the face of telecommunications networks' complexity this demanding problem can only be solved by employing modern and capable network design tools. In this process the design engineer has to estimate, optimize and verify far reaching planning tasks and correlations including extensive data.

These requirements underlying quick development are only met in case the design engineer can coordinate a growing number of network elements and related parameters. The facility to validate the results of a network design process close to reality is an important component of network design and management tools and will have a major influence in future decisions about planning tools.
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This is a demo of a fully functional web application for telecommunication business which demonstrates the features of network capacity management, traffic analysis reporting and network quality monitoring. It is a data warehouse / business intelligence application comprising of ETL and reporting engines. This software is developed using the frameworks Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat, Grails, jQuery and Oracle database server.


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